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I’m a lifelong fan of Sātmya
 after the Ganga Jamuna Kadha, 
the nut mix and the tastiest
 Kamrak chutney.

What fabulous skills!

Mini Shastri, Founder, Omyoga Shala
 & Wellness Consultant for Paro Goodearth

Discovered Satmya by Rabiya recently, got to try their Ginger Lemon Squash, and I fell in love with it instantly. The sun-cured squash tastes deliciously fresh and energetic! Ended up buying their Orange marmalade (the best I've ever tried) and Arjuna Heart Elixir which I infuse in my morning tea every day! I feel more energetic and healthy already ❤️

Karan Ratti, Founder, Melblock

A powerhouse Immunity Boost I absolutely swear by now! If you’re like me and strive to heal with natural sources before medication wherever possible, you must try the Neem Giloy Brew. It’s been a saviour for my allergies.

Melinda, Holistic Health Coach

The ashwagandha brew has become a part of my night ritual. Having it warm with milk is ideal for the winter and extremely delectable. It really makes me feel grounded and relaxed at the end of the day. I highly recommend this superb Ayurvedic herb.

Shikul Narula, Delhi

Loved the products offered at Satmya. I love the fact that every product comes with a health/healing benefit! The ginger lemon squash is to die for!

Ishani Behl

Simply love the Fermented Ashwagandha. It has become the go-to drink for the entire family at our bedtime. Your products are my favourite pick for gifting these days as they are innovative and nicely packaged!

Geet Sharma

A treat in the house with all my meals! I have loved these strips of thin orange peel in its refreshing flavor and some bitterness.
What I most love about this marmalade is that I can joyfully give into my guilty pleasure of something so sweet and tart, knowing that it's all natural and healthy and freshly made. Thank you, Satmya

Apoorva, Pune