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  • Ask an Expert - Educative Series

    We’re so grateful to have Dr. Aparna who is a Phd in Ayurveda and running her own Panchakarma hospital in Kerala, with us on board for guiding al...
  • Decoding Ashwagandha 1.0

    Of all our offerings, our favourite brew remains our Fermented Ashwagandha. We continue to receive so many questions about it every single day, so we have compiled the top 4 FAQs for you here!
  • Decoding Giloy 1.0

    Satmya NeemGiloy Brew is a soothing blend that has been loved by our family since a long time and has been our go-to in the past year.

    We have been receiving so many questions about it recently, and we absolutely love answering them all!

    With this post we're decoding our favourite herb - Giloy! If you have any questions, please drop a comment below and we'd love to answer.

  • Sātmya: How it all began

    Growing up it was natural to see rabbits freely running around and birds of various colors perched on the mango tree.
    We had an unlimited supply of fruits - mulberry, grapes, mangoes, lemon, gooseberry, guava, and jamun from our garden trees.
    We grew up eating our farm vegetables untouched by fertilizers with a composite pit very much in place - the very definition of organic today.